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Additional Services


Do not miss important calls!

In between trips, you can redirect your TravelSim’s incoming calls to any international number. There is no additional charge for redirection to numbers in over 135 countries.

To activate call redirection

  • with TravelSim in your handset, dial *146*081*country code-phone number, e.g. *146*081*44123456789#
  • you can now switch the phone off; all incoming calls will be redirected to the specified number.

To disable call redirection

  • with TravelSim in your handset, dial *146*080#.

TravelSim has forged a unique partnership with Skype and Viber, which means you can make free calls from Skype and Viber to TravelSim numbers.

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To activate this feature for your TravelSim, dial *146*711#
To deactivate dial *146*710#
To check the status dial *146*712#

When the feature is activated, Skype and Viber users can call your TravelSim number for free using special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is a TravelSim number without the prefix 372.

The call is free for the Skype and Viber user. The cost of an incoming Skype or Viber call for TravelSim users is the incoming call rate in the host country plus 0.15 EUR per minute. In case the TravelSim user is in a country with free incoming calls, the cost will be just 0.15 EUR per minute.

E.g. to call +37253204388 for free from Skype and Viber, you should dial +37280053204388. For the Skype or Viber user the call is free. If the TravelSim user is in Italy (free incoming calls) and accepts the Skype or Viber call, he pays just 0.15 EUR per minute.

Important notices

  • The incoming call from Skype or Viber usually comes from the number +372800, however there is a slight possibility of other numbers;
  • When dialing on the Skype or Viber Dial Pad: if the user chooses the Estonian country code, he should dial 800XXXXXXXX because +372 is added automatically;
  • If the user dials on the Skype or Viber Dial Pad without 800 (e.g. +37253204388), he will pay with Skype or Viber credit for a call to an Estonian mobile number. The TravelSim user is charged only for the incoming call (in case the TravelSim user is in country with free incoming calls, the call is free for him). In this case no activation is required for TravelSim;
  • If free calls to TravelSim from Skype and Viber are not activated for a particular TravelSim, when the Skype user dials 372800XXXXXXXX he will hear an automatic message: “The mobile phone is either switched off or out of the coverage area.”

Stay in touch with your family wherever you are!


Whenever you need concierge services, business services, medical services, assistance in emergency situations or interpretation help, the personal assistant service number is there for you, 24/7/365 . Yes, that means any day of the year, any time of day or night!

How do I link up to the personal assistant service? 
Simply dial +372991 on your TravelSim phone!*

For TravelSim related questions dial +372 6868 000


To give you a better idea of the range covered by Personal Assistant, here are some examples:

  • “I need to translate from Italian to Russian.”
  • “How do I get from the airport to the city centre?”
  • “I am late for my flight!”
  • “I’ve been pick-pocketed!”
  • “I’d like to find out about events in this area and buy tickets.”
  • “What is the weather forecast for the next three days?”
  • “Please book me a table in a good Italian restaurant, for five people.”

Whatever’s happening, stay in touch!

TravelSim offers voicemail that handles incoming calls when you are unavailable or busy.

To activate voicemail service

  • with TravelSim in your handset, dial 091 (or *146*091#) and press “call”.
  • you will see “Voicemail activated” on your screen. Incoming calls will be redirected to voicemail whenever you cannot answer your phone.

To listen to voicemail messages

  • dial 095 (or *146*095#) and press call
  • you’ll see “Wait for call” and in a few seconds your phone will ring
  • answer as you normally would and you’ll hear how many messages you have
  • press 1 to listen to your messages.

To disable voicemail

  • with TravelSim in your handset, dial 090 (or *146*090#) and press call button
  • you will see “Voicemail deactivated” on your screen.

Manage calls your own way

When the call-waiting feature is activated, the active call can be placed on hold while another incoming call can be picked up. When you’re ready,  you can return to the first call. You also have the option to place the active call on hold, dial another number and, after talking to your second call recipient, come back to the first call. Please note that if the feature is active and you place the call on hold, both calls will be billed: the one that is active and the one that is placed on hold. Call-Waiting can be disabled in your mobile handset; please refer to your phone’s manual.


Arrange a conference call no matter where you are!

You can use TravelSim Conference service to set up a conference call simply by dialling the +372993 number. The Conference service allows you to add up to 10 participants to join and participate in the same call.

How much does it cost?
The TravelSim user who organizes the conference pays for all the calls made within the conference call, where the rates are applied based on each call to each participant.

How do I set up a conference call?
The TravelSim user (User A) initiates the call on the conference number +372993 and is presented with the option to press the star-key (*) to add a new user using the international code (ex. 0037257894563, or +37257894563 or 37257894563).

You can add any number to the call (i.e. not only TravelSim numbers).

If you get to the point where you’ve added 9 invitees to your conference call, then you (user A) will receive a voice notification that you’ve reached the maximum limit of dialled users (i.e. ten, including yourself), and then you’ll be automatically taken back to your conference call.