Works in 135+ countries
Reusable for frequent travellers
Express shipping to your home
100% money-back guarantee

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Savvy Travellers Choose Travelsim for Peace of Mind, 4G Speed, and to Save up to 85% on International Roaming Charges

Asia eSIM now available! Best data plans for China, India, Thailand, UAE and more

eSIM available! Save on international roaming fees in 200+ destinations! 

  • Works in over 135+ countries, with a single card & phone number.
    (And get your card FAST with express delivery).
  • Better coverage – wherever you are – because we use over 300 networks all around the world to keep you connected.
  • Your airtime lasts one year (12 months)
    (Compared to local cards that expire after 6 months).
100% money-back guarantee

If you change your mind or can’t use our service, we will issue you a refund to the last penny on all unused services from 14 days of purchase.

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* If you are visiting multiple countries, your card can be used in over 135+ countries using the same number (plus we provide data plans for 100+ countries). Simply enter the first country where your journey starts.
Certainly much cheaper than anything else we have looked at.
Lynn B. - Sydney, Australia

TravelSim has more than 4.5 million users worldwide and covers 135+ countries, here’s why...

It’s prepaid, so you’re in control of the costs.

Has data, so you can use the internet, emails, etc.

Incoming calls cost you nothing in many countries

Incoming messages cost you nothing.

Customer support—so we are there if you need help (but we doubt you will).

Works in over 135+ countries.

We choose the best SIM for you, saving you up to 85%.

Get it quickly! We ship it to you by express, wherever you are in the world.

Here's What Some Travelers Say About Us...

Clear, easy-to-order-and-configure-and-use service, no hidden costs.”
Great for people on the go who need to keep connected while avoiding wasting time to find and setup a local SIM card in each country visited.
- TravelSim customer, France
I have two cards, used them several times, zero problems.”
If you are looking for a Sim card use TravelSim. I have two cards, used them several times, zero problems. You’ll get the card in 3 days. It simply works.
- TravelSim customer, Germany
TravelSim is the best low cost airtime simcard in Europe.”
TravelSim is the best low cost airtime simcard in Europe.
- TravelSim customer, US
TravelSim is very easy to use and offers global coverage.”
TravelSIM is very easy to use, offers global coverage, is generally good value, and is very convenient as you only need to travel with one SIM card.
- TravelSim customer, China

Choose the right card for you...

Best for frequent travellers to multiple destinations

International SIM

Low-cost calls,
texts and data
in over 210 destinations


Quick way to save on roaming fees


Data plans for 100+ countries


Best for travellers to specific regions

Asia SIM
Asia SIM Card

Best for travelling to Asia
Bypass Great Firewall in China
Best price for 3GB of data

Europe Combo SIM

5GB data,
60 minutes calls,
25 sms across Europe
Fast 4G speed