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Explore Top eSIM Carriers Worldwide | TravelSim®

Explore Top eSIM Carriers Worldwide

As their usage becomes more widespread, people are using the convenience and capabilities of eSIMs to help them in their travels all around the world. In the past, many network providers have been reluctant to embrace eSIMs, because giving their customers an easy way of swapping between operators isn’t usually in their best interest.


When it comes to travel, eSIMs provide an excellent way to roam affordably, and more and more carriers are getting on board with supporting eSIMs so that they can keep up with the times. Instead of being tied to your regular provider, an eSIM connects you to a local carrier in each destination you visit. It’s a cost-effective way to get online, text, and make calls while traveling. 


Let’s take a look at some of the carriers likely to cater to your eSIM while traveling, and which regions they cover. 

Top eSIM carriers in Europe

There are plenty of carriers across Europe, and depending on your location there are some you’re more likely to come across than others. If you’re planning to visit Europe in the near future, whether for business or leisure, take a look at our recommendations for the best eSIMs for travel in Europe.


  • Three – covering 71 destinations worldwide, a substantial number of which are in Europe, Three first started trialling eSIM technology in 2020 and has gradually worked towards fully supporting eSIMs across its whole network.
  • T-Mobile – while T-Mobile still tout its own Coverage Beyond solution as a better option for travelers than eSIMs, it’s slowly coming around to the idea, and covers a wide range of European travel destinations.

Top eSim carriers in Asia

Unlike Europe, many of the different eSIM carriers found in Asia are very region-specific and you’ll likely be connected to a new carrier every time you cross a border. Very few operate in more than one country, let alone region. Here are some examples of eSIM carriers you might find in Central, Southeast and Southern Asia depending on where you’re traveling to. 


  • China Mobile (China) – Ready for the SIM-less generation, with a specially-bought eSIM package you can browse the internet without the same restrictions you would encounter with your own carrier – so long as you don’t use an iPhone. As of 2023, eSIM coverage on iPhones is not yet offered in mainland China.
  • NTT Docomo (Japan)  – NTT Docomo has been on the eSIM train for years, starting to use eSIM technology to benefit both locals and visitors since as early as 2014.
  • AIS (Thailand) – AIS (Advanced Info Service) is the top network in Thailand and provides speedy 5G coverage across the country.
  • Airtel (India) – With nearly half a billion customers to date, Airtel promises incredible reception wherever you go.

Top eSim carriers in North America

It makes sense that eSIM carriers are easy to come by in North America, with Apple rolling out eSIM-only devices in the US since the advent of the iPhone 14. This eSIM-only way of life is likely to extend to future Apple products across Europe and Asia.


  • AT&T (US) – a competitive name in the eSIM game, AT&T is the largest service provider in the US, and offers its own range of eSIM packages for international travel.
  • Rogers Wireless (Canada) – Despite providing excellent coverage, Canada’s biggest service provider is still a little behind the times when it comes to its own eSIM packages, currently requiring you to purchase a physical card with a QR code printed on it.

Top eSim carriers in South America

The use of eSIMs is widely supported in South America, which is useful as this is a travel destination that often involves travelers passing through multiple countries. Whether you’re scaling Machu Picchu or cruising down the Amazon River, you’ll need a stable connection to brag about your adventures.


  • Claro – currently operating in 16 countries across Central and South America, Claro uses 859,000 kilometers of optical fibre to support its vast network of coverage.
  • Movistar – describing the growing popularity of eSIMs as the natural evolution of physical SIM cards, Movistar is owned by Madrid-based Telefónica, and provides coverage to much of South America.

Top eSim carriers in the Middle East

More and more travelers are enjoying the wonders of the Middle East, especially countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. Luckily, eSIM coverage is easy to come by.


  • Vodafone – last year Dubai was visited by over 14 million tourists, many of whom likely owed their connectivity to Vodafone, which has had offices there since 2015.
  • Ooredoo – providing coverage in countries such as Qatar, Iraq and Kuwait, Ooredoo understands the usefulness of eSIMs. However, you’ll still need to visit a physical store to try one of its own eSIM packages.

Top eSim carriers in Africa

While it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle to find reliable eSIM carriers in African countries, most eSIM providers offer International packages, as opposed to Africa-specific ones.


  • MTN – the MTN group is Africa’s most widely-used service provider and covers more than 20 countries. This year it also launched its own prepaid eSIMs, though it’s still ironing out some kinks in this service.
  • Orange – apparently 1 in every 10 people in Africa is an Orange customer, as this carrier covers a wide range of countries across the continent.

Top eSim carriers in Oceania

Though coverage may not be as reliable on some of the more remote islands, in general, the coverage provided by carriers across Oceania is good and steady – and supportive of eSIMs.


  • Vodafone AUS  – operating for over a decade, Vodafone AUS may not be the cheapest carrier, but it’s been pioneering the conversion from physical SIM cards to eSIM technology. 

Booked your flights? Buy your eSim

If you’re traveling to any of the regions mentioned above and need to make sure you stay connected, now is the perfect time to try an eSIM. As the technology becomes more and more popular, there are few places you can go where eSIM connectivity isn’t possible.


Ready to step into the future of connectivity? Get your TravelSim eSIM now and enjoy seamless global connectivity.