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AT&T eSIM vs TravelSim®

International eSIM Comparison for Europe


It’s predicted that by the end of 2025, “2.4 billion smartphone connections globally will use eSIM” – the equivalent of 33% of all smartphone connections.

A survey of global operators found that eSIM compatibility is a top priority for new smartphone features, so if you don’t already have an eSIM-compatible mobile, the chances are you will soon. Some carriers are resisting the change because they fear losing business, as eSIMs make switching networks far simpler. But when it comes to international roaming, eSIMs are quickly becoming the popular choice for tech-savvy travelers, because of how easy they make it to switch between providers while abroad.

If you’re considering an eSIM for your roaming needs and aren’t sure where to start, we can help. Let’s take a look at TravelSim® international eSIM offerings compared to those of American telecommunications company AT&T.

TravelSim® Overview

Helping travelers to stay connected in hundreds of destinations all over the world, TravelSim® eSIMs are versatile, affordable, and focused on providing our users with the best service possible. We know the cost of roaming can soon add up, especially if you try to stick with your own carrier across several countries – when traveling through Europe, for instance.

This is where our eSIM data plans truly shine. Buy a data plan before departure, en route, or on arrival – and top it up as and when you need to. The best part about eSIMs is that they allow you to keep multiple profiles and carriers – so you can stay available, through whichever number you choose.

AT&T Overview

Based out of Texas, AT&T are the third largest telephone services provider in the USA. Since iPhones became eSIM compatible in 2018, AT&T have been using this technology to appeal to new customers by making it  simple to switch to their service through eSIMs. Through an eSIM the AT&T wireless network can be accessed from locations all over the world, as well as in transit.

Similarly to TravelSim®, the main way of activating their eSIMs is through scanning a QR code. However, their eSIM useability seems to heavily favor Apple products, with recent developments likely being prompted by the fact that iPhone 14s purchased in the US are now eSIM only, and don’t have a physical SIM card port.

AT&T vs TravelSim®




Daily roaming charge, no matter how much data you use?

You buy your data plan and decide how, when and where to use it – all at once, or little and often

A fee of $10 will apply for every day that you use data, or make a call with the International Day Pass


Thanks to the above, you’d save up to 35% with TravelSim® on the same trip

A TravelSim® international eSIM is right for you if…

  • You need to work and play

    All work and no play can make a business trip boring. Juggling multiple devices for business and leisure can be an unnecessary strain when traveling – especially if they get lost or stolen. Manage both your personal and professional mobile numbers on one device with the help of eSIMs, and enjoy the security of knowing you’re not putting your personal details at risk by using public wi-fi.

  • You’re on a digital detox

    Steep daily roaming charges make no sense when you know you won’t be checking your phone that often. Staying connected is about peace of mind, not being glued to your screen. If your aim is to keep your phone out of sight and out of mind, but still want some calls and data in your pocket in case of an emergency, our flexible data plans can help.

  • You need more information

    Our eSIMs are easy to buy and activate, and our detailed FAQs will make you an eSIM expert in no time. There’s no point in offering products that are hard to explain or use. Thankfully we know our stuff – and now, so do our 4.5 million customers.

  • You’re a jet setter

    Off to Europe on a whim? Why not? Activate your eSIM and data plan in minutes and streamline your travel process. There’s no need to wait for a physical SIM card to arrive before you fly, and no need to hunt down a brick-and-mortar store in each country you arrive in.  Everything you need already exists in your phone.

  • You’re old-fashioned

    Looking to keep things simple? We understand. If your device isn’t eSIM compatible, or if you would rather stick to what you know, you can buy a physical International SIM card to keep you connected on your travels. We also provide a 100% money-back guarantee on any unused products you purchase – so you’re free to change your mind.

Save money on data roaming in Europe with a TravelSim® eSIM

TravelSim® helps millions of people to avoid unnecessary roaming fees on their travels, providing data, SMS, and cheap calls to our customers all over the globe. If you’re planning a trip and think you could benefit from some of our products, take a look at our international eSIMs and SIM cards today.