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Vodafone Australia vs TravelSim®

International eSIM Comparison for Europe


If you regularly travel overseas for business, pleasure, or both, it’s likely that you’ve been stung by extortionate roaming fees in the past.

Navigating roaming charges can get complicated, especially when passing through more than one country per trip. For a long time the only alternative was to buy a local SIM card in each country you visit – which presented its own problems, such as finding yourself lost with no data to help you find your nearest SIM store. Thankfully, eSIMs are rapidly simplifying the way we travel.

Bought and activated within minutes, and able to connect to networks all over the world, eSIMs take some of the fear out of roaming – you can even buy data plans while already abroad, and top-up as and when you need. Many service providers have eSIM products and packages available, and here we can take a look at how our services compare to those of our competitor, Vodafone AUS.

TravelSim® Overview

Our eSIMs can give you affordable access to over 320 mobile networks in more than 200 destinations worldwide. TravelSim® has been saving travelers money on roaming costs since 2006, first through physical SIM cards and then through eSIM packages and plans.

Over 4.5 million people use our services worldwide, and that number is only growing. We’re passionate about offering affordable rates, helping people find the best deals for the country they’re traveling to, and keeping things simple.

Vodafone AUS Overview

Originally founded in 1992, and then merged with Hutchison Telecommunications Australia in 2009, Vodafone Australia’s mobile network provides service to millions of users all across Australia.

They offer prepaid roaming deals – such as 2GB, valid for 7 days, for $35 AUD. While they do have eSIMs, information about them can be difficult to find via their website.

Vodafone Australia vs TravelSim®



Vodafone AUS prepaid roaming

10 GB of data to use in Europe for 14 days?

$78 AUD

(saving 56%)

$175 AUD

Easy to cancel if you change your mind?

Can be done via phone or e-mail

eSIM plans can only be canceled via phone or in person in-store

100% money-back guarantee?

(on unused services from 14 days of purchase)

Information not available

A TravelSim® international eSIM is right for you if…

  • You don’t have time to hunt down Wi-Fi

    If you’re planning to head off the beaten track on your travels, something that’s bound to kill your adventurous energy is searching for somewhere with Wi-Fi. With a prepaid eSIM you can update your friends and family on your progress from wherever you are, before looking up the route to your next destination. A prepaid eSIM also means you won’t have to use insecure wireless networks, avoiding the risk of criminals intercepting your personal information.

  • You’re looking to save money

    We’ll find the best SIM or eSIM for you, based on where it is you’re traveling to and for how long. We can save you up to 85% on international roaming charges compared to using your own carrier – perfect for a traveler looking to tighten their budget and avoid any roaming fee surprises.

  • You haven’t got a plan

    Often when you travel you strive to have a detailed itinerary of everywhere you’re going and when. But, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. Whether your frequency of travel is unpredictable due to family or professional commitments, or if you’re simply a free spirit who takes off whenever the feeling strikes you, you need connectivity to match. Our eSIMs remain active for 12 months following their last top-up, so they’re easy to pick up and put down as and when you need them. With annual top ups, your eSIM will cover your adventures for years to come.

  • You’re a forward-thinker

    Not only are eSIMs becoming more popular and easy to use – they have a number of aspects that make them a convenient and modern way to roam. They’re energy-efficient, especially when compared to traditional SIM cards, and the lack of a physical component means that eSIMs can’t be cloned by would-be hackers or thieves. The fact that you don’t need to order and insert a small, fiddly card also makes them much more accessible for mobile users with different physical needs.

  • You don’t want to limit yourself

    One of the joys of the 21st century is the number of ways in which we can communicate with each other – but sometimes you can’t beat a phone call. Some providers are only able to offer data through international eSIMs, whereas we can offer data, SMS and calls to and from the majority of countries we cover. This means that when you’re homesick and only the voice of a loved one will help, whatever you need is simply a phone call away.

Save money on data roaming in Europe with a TravelSim® eSIM

The last thing you want when you’re traveling is to feel restrained – held back from checking in with home, or touching base with work, or posting on social media, for fear of being charged excessive amounts in roaming fees. Share the highs and lows of your adventures with friends and family all over the world with TravelSim® international eSIMs. Forget worrying about extortionate roaming charges every time you send a text or image, and feel confidently connected no matter where your travels take you.