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Benefits of Switching to eSIM When Traveling

Benefits of Switching to eSIM When Traveling

Why is an eSIM a great travel companion?

Despite eSIM technology having been available for years, it’s only relatively recently that people are discovering the benefits of eSIMs for international travel.


Previously, the expectation has been that to travel, you either need to purchase the necessary SIM card for each country you visit, or rely on the roaming plans set by your carrier at home – but this can be costly. Recent research from Ofcom has shown that one in five people currently don’t realize the charges they may face when using their phone abroad. No one wants to come home from an incredible trip to a massive bill – so, another option is to try and steer clear from using your phone as much as possible, or only connect to free public Wi-Fi. Neither of those are reliable or safe courses of action, as you run the risk of missing out on helpful directions, recommendations, and connections – or, more seriously, the possibility of isolating yourself should an emergency occur. So, how about an eSIM?


If you don’t already know, an eSIM is an integrated component that provides your devices with local network connectivity and data, without needing to be removed and replaced for each location you visit. This makes it both more convenient than a physical SIM, and cheaper than roaming. If you’re planning on crossing some borders and seeing the world any time soon, an eSIM could be a worthwhile investment.


Let’s take a look at some of the pros of eSIMs, and the top ways in which they make it easy to stay connected while traveling. 

What are the top 5 benefits of an eSIM?

There were a lot of great benefits to choose from, but we’ve managed to narrow it down.


It’s so simple to switch between networks using an eSIM, that it has networks worrying about customers being able to easily move away from them. Once your eSIM is set up and running with the appropriate data plan, it’s as straightforward as flicking a switch in your mobile settings. And, because eSIMs can be distributed and activated digitally, there’s no need to wait for any physical components to be delivered to you – you can hit the road or take to the air with one less delay in your way.


This flexibility will likely lead to even more streamlining. Phone should “become even slimmer”, with tiny, already-integrated eSIMs expected to eventually oust the need for a SIM card tray entirely. Our eSIMs are also reusable and rechargeable, and will remain active for 12 months from their last top-up. This isn’t the case for all eSIMs, just something we do particularly well.


As mentioned before, an eSIM easily trumps a physical SIM card when it comes to convenience. SIM cards are finicky, and prone to being lost or stolen. Because an eSIM already exists within your phone and is activated remotely, this takes away the hassle of switching cards. This is a huge benefit to people with mobility issues who may find switching SIM cards inconvenient or difficult, and for people who are accident-prone and regularly find themselves patting their pockets for something they’ve already lost.


This also removes the need for you to find and buy a SIM card in every country you visit – which can be time-consuming, difficult, and sometimes a bit of a rip-off. 

Dual-SIM functionality

Having Dual-SIM functionality on your phone means being able to receive calls and texts to two different numbers through the same device. This removes the need for carrying a second phone when traveling, giving you one less valuable item to worry about and more space in your pockets. 


When using an eSIM you can use different carriers for different purposes – for example, one can be for work, and one can be for personal use, all through the same phone. You can use separate plans for voice calls and data, and make sure that you never miss a text or call while on the go.

Keep your devices connected

Because our eSIMs allow you to share your data between your devices, you keep all of your tech connected and running from the same source. If your hotspot is stronger and more reliable than your hotel Wi-Fi, our eSIMs won’t keep you from sharing that access – download that movie, book, or presentation without needing to wait or venture out in search of better Wi-Fi. 


An eSIM cannot be installed simultaneously on different devices. However, if you delete an eSIM from one device, you can then rescan your TravelSim QR code to install it elsewhere – e.g on a different phone, or a tablet.

Remote activation

Installing your eSIM plan can be done with a few clicks through your device’s settings. Then, activate your eSIM by scanning a QR code that will be sent to you by email. Lastly, set TravelSIM as your service provider – it’s as easy as that. Remote activation makes eSIMs so easy to set up while on the go. There’s also the fact that your data and credit can be topped up through your online account – so, if for whatever reason you don’t feel like heading home, you can add whatever you need to keep your connection going as you travel on. 

Ready to order your eSIM? Configure your data plan here.

These are just a few of the benefits of eSIMs – you can experience the rest for yourself. If you’re planning on traveling, for anything from a work trip to a wild week away, get your eSIM now.