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WorldSIM vs TravelSim®

International SIM Comparison for Europe


International SIM cards enable frequent flyers, long-term travelers, and people whose work takes them abroad to keep conversations going whenever they need them to.

Roaming charges can quickly add up, so while you may feel free to explore, you might not be able to share your adventures with those at home quite as easily. The alternative, sourcing a local SIM card in every country you visit, may be cheaper but eats into your time – and can potentially leave you stranded abroad without data or signal if something goes wrong. It makes sense for those who travel regularly to want a cheaper, easier, and more reliable option.

Purchased before departure and delivered to your door, international SIM cards give you coverage in multiple countries at once, and can easily combined with data plans to keep you in the loop online. If you’re wondering where to buy your next international SIM card from, here’s a comparison of what TravelSim® and WorldSIM have to offer.

TravelSim® Overview

Offering coverage in 200+ destinations, and free incoming calls in 70+ countries, TravelSim® have been keeping travelers connected for nearly 20 years. As well as our SIM card deals, we can redirect your calls and allow people to make free calls from Skype and Viber to other TravelSim® numbers, making our services invaluable when you’re traveling and working.

Not only do we offer great rates and coverage on our International SIM cards, but we also offer eSIMs that can be installed in minutes and allow you to have multiple SIM profiles on your phone or tablet at once. You can swap between providers from your phone, and don’t need to worry about swapping any physical components. All of this is done with the aim of making travelers’ lives that bit easier.

WorldSIM Overview

WorldSIM are a telecommunications company made up of experts with years of experience, dedicated to all things travel. They partner with airlines to help make their SIM card bundles easy to access for travelers all over the world. While they haven’t yet made the leap into eSIMs, they do provide a number of other travel accessories, including PPE gear and rapid antigen Covid test kits. Their international SIMs come with a UK mobile number, and can be topped up from anywhere in the world via their customer service helpline.

WorldSIM vs TravelSim®




International SIM number?



Credit validity?

12 months from your last top-up for both credit and data

30 days on top-ups less than 16€

Cheaper starter kit?



Offers eSIMs?

Adding credit to data plans?

Possible online and via customer service

Only possible via customer service

Total destinations covered?

200+ (through international SIM cards/eSIMs)


A TravelSim® international eSIM for Europe might be right for you if…

  • You want to get connected right away

    One of the things that sets an eSIM apart from traditional SIM cards is the fact that your phone already has the components it needs to activate it. Instead of waiting for a chip to be delivered to your door, you are sent a QR code, through which you can activate your eSIM from home within minutes. This makes eSIMs an excellent choice for when you know you might be called abroad at a moment’s notice – such as for work, or urgent family visits. The flexibility of an eSIM supports and connects you even with last-minute travel decisions.

  • You need your phone to keep up with you

    eSIMs have only really been embraced within the past few years, and mobile-users are still learning about the many benefits they can provide. For example, eSIMs are more energy efficient than traditional SIM cards in the way they use power. When traveling abroad where charging points may be few and far between, this improved battery life could be the difference between successfully reaching your destination and getting stranded – for example, if you’re using maps via data.

  • You’re a frequent flyer

    If you know you’re going to be traveling a lot in the near future, an eSIM is the perfect flexible option. It will stay live as long as credit has been added in the past 12 months, which can easily be done online whenever needed. New data plans can be added in the same way, and activated when is most useful to you. The same is true of our SIM cards, so if your phone isn’t eSIM compatible there are still options available to you.

  • You need two numbers but not two phones

    If you’re used to having two different phones for work and private use and want to make more room in your pockets, using eSIMs allows you to have two mobile numbers for one device. Receive texts and calls to both numbers at the same time, and decide which SIM you want to reply from. When traveling and working it’s better to have as few gadgets to keep track of as possible, so an eSIM is helpful when looking to lighten your load.

  • You want to keep track of your devices

    Because eSIMs are embedded into your phones and tablets, they cannot be easily removed and swapped out in the way that traditional SIMs can. This means that should your phone get stolen, it will be easier for you and the authorities to track. This can bring some much-needed peace of mind when traveling, when your phone is what keeps you connected to the rest of the world.

Save money on data roaming in Europe with a TravelSim® eSIM

Whether you opt for an International SIM card or choose to try TravelSim® eSIMs, TravelSim® can keep you in the loop no matter where you roam. Stay in touch with family and friends, find your next destination, or manage your meetings from hundreds of locations across the globe, all at competitive prices.