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What does your Holiday say about you?

Red icy cocktail on a yellow sand beach with a green water and blue sky in the backgroundMany of you will be familiar with the meticulous planning that goes into booking a holiday. However, not many would know that choices you make during such a planning say a lot about your personality. Indeed, making a decision on the location of your holiday break is a far more personal affair than you may care to realise and says as much about you as the car you drive or the area you live in. A spa weekend in the countryside, for example, will attract a different sort of visitor than a hike in the Himalayas. Join TravelSim as we take you through the definitive breakdown of what your favourite Mediterranean beach or South American hotel reveals about you.

The City Break Holiday

US city in black and white in the night
Such as: Miami, New York, Paris, Barcelona

City breaks tend to attract a particular type of visitor: if a city break excites you then you are probably someone of an inquisitive nature and always interested in seeing “what’s around the next corner.” You also probably don’t mind big crowds. In fact, you probably relish them, knowing that where there are people, there is excitement to be had.

City tourists tend to be energetic, sociable and outgoing. If you fall in this category and are sightseeing in a city this summer, be sure to get your TravelSim SIM card for your city break escapades. Besides having free incoming calls and SMS, you can also use the services of a “personal assistant.” Just dial +372991 and a personal assistant will guide you through your journey and answer your travel questions.

The Beach Holiday

Blue colored pool with palms in the background
Such as: Thailand, St Barthes, the Maldives

Possibly the most common reason for travelling abroad this summer is the allure of a relaxing sandy beach. We flock in our millions to sunnier shores in pursuit of a perfect beach break. Travellers, who opt for this kind of holiday take life at their own pace and don’t let modern day stress get in the way of enjoying themselves. One thing is for sure, these are people who enjoy the finer things in life!


VW T1 with a palms on a beach on a perfect summer midday

Such as: Whitewater rafting in Peru, a helicopter safari tour

Do you like the thought of going to a destination, which name you can’t pronounce? Do you enjoy seeing the quizzical look on your friend’s face as you announce your holiday plans? If that sounds familiar, then you may be able to relate to the following personality traits.

As an “exotic” traveller, the thought of sandy beach vacations is your idea of holiday hell. You don’t understand why people would travel all that way to laze about on a beach. You’re a firm believer that “travel broadens the mind” and if you’re not filling your day with activities, then you get itchy fingers. All of this means that you enjoy trying new experiences even if they could spell danger: hiking in the mountains sounds like a walk in the park to you and sky diving seems like the ultimate day out. You’re a go getter and an independent person. You’ve probably travelled extensively before, and the chances are that you can speak another language.

All this travelling means you need to be flexible. So whether you’re climbing a mountain or plumbing the depths, TravelSim is the most dependable SIM card at your disposal for global roaming.

The world’s a big place with plenty to see. With so many attractions for so many different interests, it’s easy to get lost in all the excitement. Wherever you are this summer, stay in touch with family and friends the easiest way with the best international SIM card by TravelSim.