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Tunisia Travel Guide

Two boats in a clear water sand beach

TravelSim are pleased to announce its international SIM card service is now available in Tunisia. Incoming texts and calls are free while our global roaming outgoing rates are competitively priced at €0.99/min. We have compiled our own travel guide of Tunisia so you can enjoy the new roaming possibilities. Visit this beautiful Central American paradise and enjoy global roaming with TravelSim.

Tunisia is known to attract two kinds of tourists. There are those who venture the Arabic country for its ancient history and unique cultural attractions, and those who visit for its pristine beaches ideally situated on the Mediterranean.

Palm tree next to a balcony overwatching a beach from aboveMany of Tunisia’s largest cities are located on its glittering coastline, with the blue Mediterranean sea providing a shining backdrop to the charming white towers and domes that fill the city skyline. The souks provide more eye-catching colour with a variety of spices, treated leather and local food, the likes of which can be found nationwide. The streets of these towns bustle with a lively atmosphere, and guarantee to take your senses on a roller coaster journey of excitement from the sounds of the morning prayer to the delicate flavours of the traditional curry dishes at dinner.

For those who intend to visit the country’s beaches alone, Spring and late Autumn are the best seasons to visit, when the sun is less intense and elsewhere around the Mediterranean conditions are less favourable. During this time Hammamet proves to be a popular Tunisian beach resort due its excellent quality of beaches and stunning medina in town. Likewise Sousse offers a mixture of fantastic beaches with unique architecture. For something different, the island town of Djerba is particularly popular with tourists in search of guaranteed sun, and the historic town of Monastir bridges the gap between the cultural tourist and the sun-seeking ones.

Camels with their nosecones and carrying sacksFor those searching an all out adventure into history, Tunisia will surely not disappoint. The country ranks among the world’s greatest tourist destinations, boasting as many as eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. Ancient ruins of Carthage dating from as far back as 814 BC can be found across Tunisia from the awe-inspiring amphitheatre in El Djem to the ruins of Dougga.

Whether you want to visit its archaeological wonders or its sandy beaches, you will not be disappointed. Tunisia is blessed with a sheer wealth of attractions and experiences for all ages and weather that will warm even the coldest of travellers.