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Trending Travel Destinations of 2014

TravelSim has created an international SIM card for travelers around the world. This is why we like to keep up to date on all the hottest travel trends of the time. Understanding what our clients want is key to providing the best service possible and we know our clients want unforgettable travel memories. So where should you be travelling this summer to guarantee a great holiday? TravelSim compiled research to find out the answer:


Photo: Tobias Fischer

At the top of our must-visit cities is South Africa’s Cape Town. The list of this year’s trending cities was dominated by destinations beside the sea. But only in Cape Town is it possible to surf the Atlantic, climb a mountain, enjoy Michelin-star food, relax on the beach with penguins and taste some of the world’s finest wines all in one day before returning for a snooze in one of the many historic or modern-chic accommodations.


Photo: Giulia Gasperini/Unsplash

Our safe bet trending destination is Matera in Italy. Located in the deep south of mainland Italy, Matera was, until fifty years ago, one of the poorest towns in Western Europe. But with a honeycomb of alleyways, sun-drenched caves, and sleepy squares it was easy to see the potential of this historic town. Now a bustling Mediterranean village, Matera is a must-see if you’re a fan of European culture. The ancient alleyways seem to be Instagram perfect, so you will surely impress your friends when sending a photo snap from there with your European SIM card.



Photo: Dio Hasibuan/Unsplash

Sure, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines have been popular destinations for a while now, and so you might argue that this next selection is not particularly a trending destination for 2014, but Sumatra in Indonesia is one of the less visited islands and yet one of the most strikingly beautiful. So if you too would like to jump on the South East Asia bandwagon, but hate the thought of crowds of tourists then book your flights to Sumatra for some adventure.

TravelSim keeps a keen eye on trending travel destinations around the world and regularly posts top destinations and travel advice on our G+ page. Tag along and follow us on G+ to keep up with the travel trends.

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