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Top Four Travel Trends of 2014


Post with many colorful distance signsThe travel industry is always looking for exciting and novel ways for us to spend our vacations. Whether it be releasing handy apps to improve our experience abroad or unveiling exotic new destinations to fill you with envy. Keep up to date on all the latest holiday trends with TravelSim, the best international SIM card.

The Best Travel Apps

First up is the JetLag App which, at $2.99, is a must have for frequent and long haul travelers. Simply enter your usual sleeping times, travel dates and destination and JetLag App will personalize your pre-departure alarm clocks to soften the blow of the dreaded jet lag.

Next on our list is the Sunscreen app which you can download free of charge. This handy little app calculates the surrounding UV levels and, with details of your skin type and the SPF of your lotion already logged, sets alarms to alert you when you’re due your next application of sun cream. Enjoy those warm carefree rays!

Ever been in that unpleasant situation where you don’t know how much to tip your waiter? You’re not alone. All travelers breathed a collective sigh when Tipulator released its global tip-calculating application. At just $1.15 Tipulator is surely worth its price tag for all the awkward post-meal moments it can spare you from.

Unique Sleeps

Unique sleeping pod in the forestMany of us associate cold, wet and miserable conditions with camping, but that is soon to be a thing of the past. Many are now embracing the fastest growing holiday trend: glamour camping – glamping. Holidaying in opulent yurts and cosy teepees is part of the thriving five-star camping experience which has banished soggy sleeping bags and crumpled roll mats into redundancy and which has generated a great deal of popularity among travelers the world over.

It seems the overall trend of our era is to find the strangest holiday accommodation. Whether that be considering one of the many treehouse lodgings available, sleeping with the fishes in one of several underwater hotels, or calling an underground hideaway your home, there are a myriad of weird and wacky places to live in on your next vacation. Wherever you happen to be for your travels, trust in TravelSim, the best roaming SIM card.

Wi-Fi with Wings

Airplane wing above cloudsWi-Fi follows us everywhere, from bars to train stations and cafes to airports. With the global spread of smartphones, demand for Wi-Fi is always increasing. TravelSim has made sure that the SIM you travel with has affordable Wi-Fi coverage on land. Several airlines have taken it one step further, with 40 brands worldwide currently providing onboard Wi-Fi services. Indeed, such a service is nothing new. It has existed since 2003 and more and more companies are eager to follow suit. Airlines, such as AirFrance, KLM and Vueling are currently running trials for the WiFi service and will probably also provide onboard internet by the end of the year, alongside seven other companies.

Unfortunately for these airlines, however, with this high demand come high expectations. With onboard WiFi systems still in their infancy the quality of the connection leaves much to be desired. Experts in the field, however, predict that in the very near future, customers can expect a network service of up to 10Mbps, far more consistent with the types of speeds many of us enjoy at home. So if you’re travelling this summer be sure to check the availability of onboard WiFi and enjoy surfing the internet at 30,000 feet direct from your TravelSim mobile.

Seriously Social

VW T1 in a epic blue palm beachSocial Media is becoming increasingly important in all businesses and the travel and tourism industry is not an exception. Increasingly, hotels are looking for ways to incorporate the popularity of sites, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to gain clientele.

The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, for example, has been purposely designed in the interests of Instagram lovers, with furniture and ornaments purchased and arranged to be as camera friendly for mobile devices as possible. Similarly, some of the Melia Group hotels have established a specialist concierge service run by Twitter. Guest can make requests and queries via the social media application on their phones for ultimate customer comfort. TravelSim expects the trend to continue to develop over the next few years as social media sites also continue to grow