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The Top 5 Autumn Travel Destinations

Travel in Autumn

September 22nd is the day when summer ends and autumn begins. While some will be packing away their bikinis through teary eyes and waving goodbye to the sun, other travellers will be leaping for joy at the prospect of beautiful autumnal landscapes and urban metropolises unburdened by heaving tourist masses. So here’s a toast to those who know autumn is the best time for travel. TravelSim’s top 5 autumn destinations are:

New England

New Englad street with people

Autumn is the butter to New England’s toast. The two are a match made in heaven. Explore the North-Eastern states of America for some spectacular Autumnal foliage, for the best in seasonal harvests and for the liveliest cities. Begin the long trip in Boston for fine dining experiences and shopaholics. Then venture across the rolling forests and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains to the dotted islands and lighthouses of the Maine coast where you can enjoy lobster dinners among romantic cobbled streets. Alternatively, you can simply follow the leaves. Several state newspapers publish weekly guides with handy colour charts depicting the colours of the vegetation. From leafy green to warm crimson.

Kamikochi, Japan

Tranquil lake view in Kamikochi

Deep in the Northern Japan Alps lies Kamikochi, a popular resort offering some of Japan’s most spectacular mountain landscapes. Kamikochi is a 15 km long plateau in the Azusa River Valley and encircled by high reaching mountains including the tallest, Okuhotakadake at 3190 m, and Yakedake, an active volcano.

The best season to visit the Chubu Sangaku National Park where Kamikochi rests is undoubtedly autumn, when the summer tourists have departed and the native monkeys, exotic birds and occasional bears come out to play. The best way to enjoy the park is via the many hiking trails along the Azusa River from Taisho pond to Myojin Bridge.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Enjoy autumn among the glaciers. There are few finer sites than the colours of the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, where the grey rock of the rising mountains meets the intense red, greens and yellows of the surrounding vegetation before plunging down into the sheer white ice of the local glacier. Hiking upon the glaciers themselves is a truly memorable experience and promises rarely seen views of the Argentinian wilderness.


Yellow house with a bike in Cambocha

Cool down in Cambodia this autumn. November is the month of the Water Festival when one million people converge onto the banks of the Tomle Sap in Phnom Penh to witness the enormous dragon barges compete in river races. The three day party sees spectacular fireworks and more entertainment that attracts people from across the globe. Meanwhile, visitors can visit the abundance of temples in the area including Angkor Wat which also hosts festivities in November to celebrate the changing flow of the river. With our global SIM card, you can easily discover this astonishing destination and let you friends know all the details of your adventure.


Autumn is the most popular season to visit Marrakech. The scorching desert sun in the earlier season puts many tourists off, while the cool breezes from the Atlas Mountains in autumn mean the frenzied souks and humid gardens are more bearable. The cooler climate also allows for more opportunity to soak in some Arabic and French colonial history at Marrakech’s medinas and palaces. For those less interested in playing the tourist, there will undoubtedly still be plenty of chance to kick back and soak in some rays to top up that summer tan.

Whichever travel destination you choose, our simple to use, yet affordably cheap international SIM card will help you stay in touch with friends and family while you are abroad. It is the best international SIM card for discovering the world and making calls without incurring hefty phone bills.