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eSIM Plus vs TravelSim®

International eSIM Comparison for Europe


Hailed as “the future of mobile connectivity”, if you’ve bought a smartphone in the past few years it’s likely you already have access to eSIM technology. The “e” stands for “embedded”; eSIMs are electrical components that are embedded into smartphones and allow the owner to manage multiple numbers and carriers from one single device.

Not only are eSIMs revolutionizing mobile marketing through personalized marketing campaigns, but they’re an incredible asset to people who are keen on travel.

Whether it’s work or play causing you to roam far and wide, being able to stay connected wherever you are is essential. An eSIM enables you to connect to a local carrier in each country you might pass through, without having to seek out and install a physical card each time you cross a border. The ability to manage multiple profiles from one device saves you the hassle of juggling more than one phone – and makes for one less thing to lose.

If you’ve never used an eSIM for travel before you might find yourself lost with where to start. What do you require from an eSIM product? How do you go about purchasing and activating a data plan? In this blog we’ll compare our international eSIMs to one of our competitors – eSIM Plus – to give you an idea of the kind of features available to you.

TravelSim® Overview

Operating since 2006, TravelSim® is proud to provide products and services to millions of users worldwide, through both our traditional SIM card and eSIM packages. We cover an ever-growing number of countries at competitive prices – our international eSIMs currently cover more than 200 global destinations, meaning there’s no reason to limit your adventures for fear of passing out of range.

Our eSIMs are compatible with a wide range of both Apple and Android devices (when unlocked), and are quick to purchase and activate. Our services are easy to use and understand, and have helped millions of people to stay connected on their travels and save money on roaming.

eSIM Plus Overview

Based out of Lithuania, eSIM Plus offers local eSIMs for over 150 countries, and regional eSIMS for Europe, Asia, America and Africa. A relatively new presence in the eSIM business, products and packages bought from eSIM Plus are managed and topped-up through their app, which accepts both credit cards and cryptocurrency. They offer a free demo of their virtual phone numbers, to allow customers to get to grips with the process of activating and accessing their services.

 eSIM Plus vs TravelSim®



eSIM Plus

Easy-to-navigate website with easily understood pricing?

Clear pricing of services available in 5 currencies

Hard to identify costs for eSIMs, credit, and phone numbers

Better prices
E.g. the cost of 10GB of data in Italy?



Ease of installation?

QR code sent to email with easy installation directions

Instructional video recommended

Better for business?

No need to pay VAT as a corporate customer, simply insert the VAT number during checkout and receive an official invoice

Invoice is hard to access and must be printed manually for VAT purposes

Extensive FAQ, About page, and helpful travel blog?

Offers physical SIM cards as well as eSIMs?

A TravelSim® international eSIM is right for you if…

  • You mean business

    As we mentioned, business travelers don’t need to pay VAT during checkout, and any invoices are available 24/7 under My Account. Manage both business and personal profiles from one phone, and stay on top of work from almost anywhere in the world.

  • You’re a free spirit

    An eSIM will remain active for 12 months from the most recent time you’ve topped it up. This means you only need to top up and use your eSIM once a year to keep it active – and one eSIM can last you 10 years. You can come and go, change your mind, or change your route however you please without worrying about canceling or renewing your service. Whether you’re trying to make it around the world in 80 days, or taking a leisurely stroll through Europe, our eSIMs keep things unrestricted and uncomplicated.

  • You’re on a budget

    Our rates are some of the best around. Our data plans are much more affordable than standard price-per-MB rates, and can be up to 85% cheaper than if you were to use your own carrier while roaming. This means using our eSIMs will leave you with more money to spend on your travels.

  • You’re all about communication

    Where some eSIM companies can only provide you with data, we can give you access to data, calls, and SMS. Whether you’re a texter, a talker, or a social media stalker – staying connected is only useful if you can do it in your preferred style.

  • You’re unsure of what you need

    We’re happy to offer refunds on any unused services within 14 days of purchase. Maybe you decide to try one of our physical international SIM cards instead, or maybe your trip gets canceled – whatever happens, we can help you out.

Save money on data roaming in Europe with a TravelSim® eSIM

Roam with confidence with a TravelSim® eSIM. Installed and activated within minutes, the ability to access over 300 mobile networks in more than 200 destinations is already at your fingertips.