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Mobile WiFi Hotspot Special Offer!

A MiFi device enables you to take the internet with you when you travel.

Here’s what you get with a MiFi device: The pocket-sized mobile hotspot gives you internet on the go with your own private internet connection, anywhere in the world where mobile internet can be used. The MiFi device is unlocked so you can use any SIM card in it, which means you can always get the lowest data rates when you travel internationally – and there are no contracts.

You will get a free international data SIM card and a MiFi device at a fabulously low price with our portable WiFi special offer.

Important! The MiFi devices eligible for our special offer have been previously used as Travelsim rental models (i.e., they are not new); however, the devices are in very good condition and the WiFi device we send you will come with a 6-month guarantee.

Our Special Offer WiFI devices can be delivered to Australia, Canada, European Union countries and the USA. We regret that currently we are not able to deliver the devices to other countries.

HUAWEI Mobile WiFi E5577 — available at our Special Price!

Fast Portable WiFi for International Travel

Free TravelSim International SIM Card Included


Smart & Simple

One-touch access to WiFi in over 145+ countries


No need to hunt unsecure public WiFi


Connect up to 10 gadgets at once. Keep your travel buddies online too!

Fast Speeds

Get the fastest 4G/LTE mobile WiFi speeds in countries which offer 4G.

Portable Global Smart Hub

Keep your phone, laptop, and IOT devices online everywhere.

Long Lasting

Stay powered-on all day long with 12 hours of WiFi battery life.

Configure Your WiFi Device SIM Card

WiFi Device Price 35.00
SIM Card Price 0.00

Add the best data plan to SIM card

Save up to 85% by selecting a pre-paid data plan

Choose all your destination countries

Find which TravelSim Data Zone gives you cheap data in all of your destination countries.



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