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Discount SMS from China

[:en]А new TravelSim SMS package is available starting 7 July 2014 – Discount SMS from China!

Discount SMS price – 0.10 EUR
Activation fee – 0.99 EUR
Validity Period – 100 days
Activation Code – 6

*146*921*6# – activation
If successfully your China SIM card was successfully activated, screen will show the following message: “Discount SMS price in China activated”

*146*922*6# – check the status (how many days left)
Screen will show the following message: ”Discount SMS in China active for % day(s) more.”
*where “%” = number of days before the end of the period.

*146*920*6# – deactivation
If the feature is deactivated, the cost of activation will not be returned to the user! Screen will show the following message: “Discount SMS price in China deactivated”

While using this new feature no other rates will be affected except the classic SMS message rate from China!

NB! Package “Discount SMS from China” is not available for TravelSim Data cards.

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