Unlimited communication with TravelSim

Arrange a conference call no matter where you are!

TravelSim Conference service gives an opportunity to organize the conference by dialing the +372993 number. Simultaneous number of allowed participants including TravelSim can reach up to 10.

How much does it cost
TravelSim user who organizes the conference pays for all the calls made within the conference call, where the rates are applied based on each call to each participant.

How to arrange
TravelSim user (User A) initiates the call on the conference number +372993 and is offered to press the star-key (*) to add a new user suing the international code (ex. 0037257894563, or +37257894563 or 37257894563).

It’s possible to call any number (not only a TravelSim).

If 9 users were added into conference, the user A receives the voice notification about gaining the maximum limit of dialed users and then gets back to conference.